The ShawlDawls Convertible Vest - 15+ ways to wear it!

This Convertible Shawl/Vest has so many different ways to wear it & is One-Size fits all!
It's great for travel because of its' versatility, warmth & it resists wrinkles!
See the photo shoot with Shelley & the style card below!!
This is of Jersey-Knit, made in the USA & $55.00 each for the Full-Length version.
There is also a shorter length available for $45.00 - Black, Ivory, Blush, Cobalt, Coral, Fuchsia
Shelley is modeling the Long Ivory  Vest over the Valentina Ankle Pants & Tank Top.

Each ShawlDawl Vest comes with an instructional brochure so you
will always know how to style your vest!

These are washable - I do recommend putting them in a laundry bag, and on your hand-wash cycle in cold water. Dry by folding in quarters, lengthwise, and hanging over a tubular hanger or chair back.
  Below are some of the ways this Vest can be styled and worn:
  As a vest.....draped on one side.....belted when draped......
                                     Flip collar down over shoulders
                                                to wear as a jacket

Convert to a short cape or vest - find the armholes, grab the bottom of the armholes,
then slip it on sliding your arms into the armholes - it now covers you to the wrist. 
The poncho look is done by putting your head thru the armhole with the tag, and putting your right arm thru the other hole!
Colors in Stock:
Ivory (above)
Black, Ash Grey, Purple, Gold Mocha, Cobalt,
Deep Coral, Turquoise,
AllSpice, Atlantic Blue,
Olive, Nutmeg, Citron, Ruby
Create a short vest by pulling the collar up around your neck.
Ash Grey
Gold Mocha
Deep Coral
All Spice
Atlantic Blue
Olive Green